Giving Mobility Creates a World of Opportunity

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At PFFD Inc. our purpose is for all people to have complete mobility regardless of geographical location. We aim to provide equal access to opportunities that contribute to ones well-being, and the betterment of the CommUNITY. We are Soulfully rooted in the belief that we are all ‘One People’.

Who are we donating to?

Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS)

On a flight to New York, a destined meeting between a Mumbai, India Prosthetic clinic director and PFFD Inc. founder Tina “QueenTite” Opaleke came to play. They were seated beside each other and began to share stories about mobility, charity, life’s purpose, prosthetics, and destiny. This day was the day we at PFFD Inc. found our purpose. That purpose was to recycle prosthetics like Iahnijah’s (Tina’s son) in countries like India, where the need is so very high.

We are currently holding fundraising events throughout the year to raise funds to cover shipping costs. (about $17,000 to Mumbai).

Go to and see the amazing work that (BMVSS) is doing in redeveloping countries, including their own. So proud to be apart of the wonderful world of mobility.

Mobility Movement

In 2015 founders Tina and Iahnijah Opaleke took to Jamaica and surrounding islands where they single-handedly delivered various mobility aids over a two week stay.

The gift of mobility comes wrapped with independence, and a renewed sense of dignity.

Help us give that gift!